Peter Triezenberg
Spiders Games Announces The Technomancer
Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk RPG coming to you from the Bound by Flame developers.
04.16.15 - 1:02 AM

Developer Spiders Games has had an... interesting track record, having worked on such games as Mars War Logs and, more recently, Bound by Flame. Now they're turning their gaze to the realm of cyberpunk with their latest game, The Technomancer, which is coming to PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC.

In The Technomancer, set on Mars during the "War of Winter," you play as an aspiring Technomancer that wields cybernetically enhanced magical abilities, who is on the run from the "Secret Police" and ends up on a quest that takes him all over the Red Planet. The game will be action-focused, with four distinct skill trees used to develop three unique fighting styles. Dynamic conversations and weapon and item crafting are also key features, according to publisher Focus Home Interactive. You can check out the game's official site by clicking on the link below.