Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Prescription for Sleep Volume II Exclusive Sample
You like Xenogears. We like Xenogears. Check this out.
04.15.15 - 12:28 PM

Fans of mellowing out should be delighted to hear that a follow up to Prescription for Sleep is in the works and due for release on April 27, 2015. we were big fans of the original album when it launched last year, and Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II is sounding like it'll be a great follow-up.

Featuring pianist AYAKI and saxophonist Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid, Bayonetta) as the duo GENTLE LOVE. With arrangements from a number of beloved games, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, DuckTales, and Xenogears, among others yet to be announced, the final release should have quite an interesting tracklist!

It's more important to put your music where your mouth is, or something like that, so the album's publisher, Scarlet Moon Records and our pal Jayson Napolitano (featured on our Music of the Year podcast) have graciously given us a sample of one of the album's upcoming songs. Read onward for an exclusive sample of The One Who is Torn Apart from Yasunori Mitsuda's classic Xenogears original soundtrack.

If you like what you've heard, you should check out our review of the first volume, and head on over to the official site for more details on volume II. Those inclined to grab both albums once available on 4/27 will also find themselves with an bonus GENTLE LOVE tune for their troubles if they buy through Loudr.

We'll have a review of the album on the day it releases, so be sure to check back for more info!