Jesse Woo
Install Xenoblade Chronicles X Data Packs for Quick Load Times
You might want to clear out your 10,000 Smash Bros. screenshots first though.
04.14.15 - 12:52 PM

Although the producers of Xenoblade Chronicles X have promised a gargantuan world, they also promised that it would stream without load times. Now they have released details on how the game will handle the added load times. Players will be able to download up to four data packs onto the Wii U's hard drive. The Basic pack is 2 GB and will have the largest effect on load times. It covers the various locations in the game. The Enemy pack is 2.7 GB. The Player pack is 3.6 GB and will make shopping easier by speeding up changes to the character model with different equipment. Finally, the Doll pack is 1.7 GB and does exactly what you'd expect, load the Dolls faster. The Basic pack is a prerequisite to the other three, but none are required to play run the game. Digital versions will already include these packs when you install the game, so only those who buy physical copies will need to worry about this.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out April 29th in Japan and later this year in the West.