Jesse Woo
Learn All About The Great Ace Attorney's Crazy Courtroom Action
If only real trials were this interesting.
04.12.15 - 9:34 PM

The Ace Attorney series' unique blend of off-the-wall Japanese sensibilities and courtroom drama became a hit with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and now the series is starting anew with The Great Ace Attorney. The upcoming entry will retain the general flow of courtroom procedure and investigation the series is known for while adding some interesting new twists. First, you can watch a walkthrough of the game's basic premise and gameplay by producer Shintaro Kojima from a recent stream (footage starts at 19:00):

When the protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo is accused of murder, his friend and fellow student Kazuma Asougi, acts as his attorney and mentor. Ryunosuke must contend with two witnesses who claim to have seen him commit the murder. The video also introduces prosecutor Taketsuchi Auchi, said to be the ancestor of Winston Payne.

Gameplay-wise, the player must parse the witness testimony and try to catch them in a lie during cross-examination. This involves "shaking" the witness by questioning them aggressively. There will be multiple witnesses taking the stand together, so players must not only follow each witness' testimony but track how they react to one another. Upon finding inconsistent of faulty testimony, the player must "object" and call the witness out. However if they make a mistake they will be penalized, and if they run out of chances it is game over. For more info check out the Japanese trailer with English subtitles.

The Great Ace Attorney comes out in Japan on the 3DS July 9th. No Western release has been announced.