Peter Triezenberg
Suikoden III, Romancing SaGa Coming to PS2 Classics in Japan
Yeeeeea..aaaaaw. Maybe we'll get them in the West soon?
04.09.15 - 11:03 PM

Japan continues to get more rereleases than we do—not that I'm bitter or anything—with both Konami and Square Enix releasing some of their older titles on the PS2 Classics service in the Land of the Rising Sun. From Konami, we have the inaugural PS2 entry in the Suikoden series, Suikoden III, and Square Enix is putting their 2005 remake of Romancing Saga on the service as well.

Both games will be available on the Japanese PlayStation Network on April 15. Given Konami's recent PSN release of Suikoden II, could a US release of some of these classics be in the cards? One can only hope, so stay tuned to RPGFan for when we hopefully get to tell you all about it.