Peter Triezenberg
Android Devices Get Breath of Fire 6 First
"Play the next Breath of Fire game" should be in a Droid commercial somewhere.
04.09.15 - 10:53 PM

In case you hadn't heard, the next installment in Capcom's storied Breath of Fire series is on its way to mobile devices. As a manager for Capcom's Consumer Games Development division, Kazunori Sugiura talked a little bit about Breath of Fire 6's impending release and what players can expect to find in this free-to-play RPG.

“The game is designed so that those who want to play a quest in single-player mode can enjoy it for a short period of time on the train, while four players in multiplayer mode can enjoy being immersed in the game at home,” says Sugiura in an interview, adding that while in-game quests were short, there would still be a lengthy storyline for players to enjoy. Breath of Fire 6 will be entering closed beta this summer, where the dev team hopes to collect feedback in preparation for the game's launch—first on Android devices in the fall, then PC and iOS in the winter.

According to Sugiura, releasing the Android version first serves as a sort of "open beta test" where Android users can rate the game to provide further feedback for improvements in the iOS release. We'll let you know about any more details that arise.