David Brown
Make Some Room on Your Smartphone for Professor Layton 7
Professor Layton and the Unknown Wifi Password
04.07.15 - 4:54 PM

Professor Layton fans will be interested to hear about the announcements that came out of Level-5 Vision 2015 -The Beginning- event last night. First and foremost, it was revealed that the next Professor Layton game, Layton 7 (as it's being called in Japan) will be released for smartphones, according to Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino.

In Layton 7, players will have all of their puzzle-solving skills put to the test in an effort to discover the true identity of the "Vampire." As die-hard Laytonites will know, every Professor Layton game comes with new tweaks and mini-games, and Layton 7 is no exception. This time around, it appears cards and fortune-telling are an interesting part of the mix.

An official release date was not announced but Layton 7 will land for Android and iPhone devices sometime in the summer in Japan. When the next Professor Layton was announced, it was said to be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS as well, but there was no news on that front at the event.