Jesse Woo
Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Paid DLC Quests
I suppose it was inevitable.
04.07.15 - 12:28 AM

With a game as big as Xenoblade Chronicles X, it was more or less a foregone conclusion that Monolith Soft would include DLC content, and that it would be paid. Paid DLC is now a standard way for developers to extend the life of their games and further monetize existing assets. It is therefore hardly a surprise that Japanese download cards have surfaced suggesting the upcoming JRPG epic will include paid DLC.

Another livestream event is planned for April 10th at 10PM Japanese time, 6AM Pacific time, which will cover the game's online features and the Dolls (mechs). We will have more information as the story unfolds.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out for the Wii U in Japan on April 29th and later in 2015 in the West.