Scott Clay
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Official Blog Site Goes Live
Did we mention there are robot rocket horses yet? I'm pretty sure we did!
04.04.15 - 7:23 PM

Thanks to a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, we learned that Shin Megaami Tensei X Fire Emblem is not a dead project and is very much alive. The game will be spearheaded by Shinjiro Takada, who has also been the producer for the Devil Survivor series. The game's Japanese title will be Illusory Revelations #FE, and it now has an official blog to share information with fans. Takada spoke out in the first blog post about the direction of the game and what to expect from it. You can read the entire blog post below:

It's been two years since the first report. We've kept you waiting a long time, but how did you like the trailer?

Since it's a collaboration title with Fire Emblem, I believe there are many of you that saw something different from what was expected.

Personally speaking, I really worried a lot about just how much Fire Emblem should be incorporated into the game, and we spent a lot of time carefully discussing this with Nintendo.

However, after getting together with everyone we arrived at the conclusion of: "if the development of this title conforms with the original series, then Intelligent Systems should handle it. If Atlus are going to develop it, then it would be best to make it into the kind of title that Atlus specializes in." And so, the direction of the game was decided upon.

As a result, "a stage set in a modern Japan, an RPG that tells the story of realistic characters growing through various concerns and troubles" became the basis of Illusory Revelations #FE. Interlaced with the essence of Fire Emblem, we decided on the goal of making this a title that goes beyond your average collaboration.

We still have lot of work that needs to be done beyond what you saw in the trailer, but were you able to get a good idea of the game’s atmosphere from it?

The essence of Fire Emblem may have been a little difficult to notice, but please wait for further news on that front.

Again, we've requested toi8 to do the character designs that will become the face of this title. Using refreshing coloration and a touch of pop, we're having him draw Illusionary Revelations #FE's unique world setting to have a feeling of both friendliness and splendor.

The trailer highlighted four characters, but there are other wonderful characters (some that briefly appeared during the trailer) that we've prepared for the game as well.

Moreover, we’re getting the help from other renowned developers for Illusory Revelations #FE. Since this is the first part of the developer's blog, I ended up being the first to bat, but for our next post, we plan to have comments from the other developers and staff members of Atlus, so please look forward to it.
Well, now that the development has reached its climax, we, the staff, will unify and work hard toward increasing the quality of the game so we can deliver something that you all will get to further enjoy.

The release is this winter, so it'll be a little longer, but please look forward to it.

Shin Megaami Tensei X Fire Emblem is planned for release in Japan this winter, with no Western release date announced yet.