Scott Clay
Imageepoch CEO Potentially Missing
Lets all hope he is ok!
04.04.15 - 7:14 PM

In the last few months, there have been rumors that developer Imageepoch, who has developed games such as 7th Dragon 2020, Arc Rise Fantasia, and the upcoming Stella Glow, have been going though a string of weird and strange developments. To recap what has happened, back in February word spread that the developer had a mass exodus of employees, and that their current address was looking for a new tenant. To pile on to these strange rumors, this past week the developer's main web site and their domain have become inaccessible.

To make matters worse, word has now spread that Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage could potentially be missing as well. This missing person report comes from Idea Factory's official Japanese Twitter feed. CEO of Compile Heart, Yoshiaki Satou, took to the twitter feed in an attempt to establish contact with Mikage over a business matter related to Makai Shin Trillion's marketing. The Twitter messages read as followed:

"A Message from CEO Yoshiaki Satou: I have been unable to reach to Ryoei Mikage, CEO of Imageepoch. As such, I am left with no choice but to try and reach out here on Twitter."

"A Message from CEO Yoshiaki Satou: If there’s anybody out there who can get a hold of him, please let him know that I wish to talk with him about a matter regarding Makai Shin Trillion's advertising."

As of today no one has replied publicly to the current status of Mikage. RPGFan will continue to follow this story, and report updates as developments come forth.