Peter Triezenberg
Atlus Localizing Imageepoch's Stella Glow for 3DS
Sing your way to victory.
04.01.15 - 1:04 AM

Remember Imageepoch? They were responsible for a whole host of RPGs during the Wii/DS years, including Arc Rise Fantasia and the Luminous Arc games. They've been working on a brand-new IP for the 3DS, entitled Stella Glow, and we're pleased to inform you at Atlus is picking it up for localization later this year!

Stella Glow stars a knight named Alto, whose mission to defeat the Witch of Destruction, Hilda, and her Harbingers leads him to recruit other Witches to his side. Allied Witches will be able to use the lost magic power of Song in order to defeat their enemies. Atlus promises that more details and media will be available in due time, but for now, take a look at the game's Japanese trailer and look forward to its impending 2015 release!