David Brown
Discuss Final Fantasy Art With Director Yusuke Naora
Will this count toward my Art History degree?
03.30.15 - 3:16 PM

Have you ever had any questions about the visual evolution of Final Fantasy? Have you ever wondered how steps were taken and why those steps were taken? Have you been kept awake at night the burning query, "Why is Cloud's hair so spikey!" Square Enix art director Yusuke Naora has got your answers (except for maybe that last one).

Last Thursday at the SMU Guildhall in Plano, Texas, Yusuke Naora schooled a bunch of college kids on Final Fantasy art and how it progressed from its humble pixel beginnings to the beautiful 3D Behemoths we see today. But it's not just for those lucky students in Texas. Square Enix has posted the video recording of the lecture on YouTube for your viewing pleasure and continuing education. Check it out below.