Jesse Woo
Mystery and Magic Central to Mevius Final Fantasy's Story and Combat
It wouldn't be Final Fantasy without them.
03.30.15 - 4:33 AM

After making big promises to deliver a console-level RPG experience to mobile platforms, Square Enix has released more information and media on Mevius Final Fantasy's story and combat.

As we have reported before, the player character (Wal) wakes up in a strange world with no recollection of his previous life. That world is called Paramitia and has been invaded by demons led by "Chaos." The people of Paramitia refers to other-worldly amnesiacs like Wal as "Blanks," and there have been a great many of them showing up recently. Paramitia also has a prophecy that "Someday, a 'Warrior of Light' will appear and fill the world with hope," and many believe that a Blank will be the one to fulfill that prophecy.


Other characters include Mog and Princess Sarah Lotte Cornelia. Mog is one of the Moogles found on Parametia who encounters Wal early in his journey. Moogles have the ability to share memories and senses with one another, which will surely be important to the game. Sarah Lotte Cornelia is the princess of the Cornelia House in the Parametia Kingdom. She is said to be both charming and regal, and has been awaiting the Warrior of Light as told in the prophecy.

In order to solve the mysteries of this world, players will travel through Parametia by selecting locations on the world map and then exploring them further with their character. In doing so, they will encounter many hostile demons and have to utilize many abilities and tactics to prevail.


One of the primary tools in battle is the ability card. Attacking an enemy will grant Elements that you can then spend on ability cards. Once all the prerequisites for using a card have been met, the card will pop up and you can use the ability by tapping it. There is no rush to tap the card, as battle is less about timing than it is about your choice in skills. Each card has an active ability and a passive auto-ability that applies when equipped to your deck. So far, Square Enix has revealed three cards.

The Onion Knight (left) uses the Earth Sword ability that costs four Earth Elements to hit a single enemy. It's auto-ability is HP Up. Shiva casts Blizzaga (middle) for six Water Elements. It causes massive chunks of ice to hit all enemies on the battlefield. Her auto-ability is Magic Up. Finally, Fat Chocobo (right) casts Barrier for two Regular Elements. Barrier raises defense for eight turns, but the effect does not stack. His auto-ability is also HP Up.


Elements play other important roles in combat as well. The four elemental attributes are fire, water, wind, and earth, and each is weak to another element. Hitting an enemy with its weakness will deal extra damage, while hitting them with their own element will cause less damage due to their resistance. The player can also use Elements to increase his own elemental resistance. Finally, attacking an enemy will chip away at its Break Gauge, and when it reaches zero the enemy will break and take extra damage.

Mevius Final Fantasy comes out this spring in Japan on iOS and Android platforms. A western release has not been announced. Check out our updated gallery to see more.