Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Studio Visit + Interview
We speak to the people behind the upcoming mobile FF game, and tour Tokyo while we're at it.
03.25.15 - 10:31 AM

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper may not be the first mobile FF title you think of - it's not as shiny and impressive on the surface as Mevius Final Fantasy. Instead, Record Keeper is a fascinating look back at the series' long-running history, a game that's both a new and familiar experience.

I spent some time in Tokyo recently learning about the game from some people that probably know a little something about it, namely the developers at Square Enix and DeNA. Yes, the same DeNA that's working with Nintendo to develop mobile titles.

I'll have plenty more to say on Final Fantasy: Record Keeper - launching this spring for IOS and Android - in the near future. But right now, head on over to our FFRK Studio Visit feature and, along with my interview, take a tour of Tokyo, the Square Enix and DeNA offices, Square Enix's Artnia Café and store, and a gallery of the game itself.