Jesse Woo
Mobile Card Battle RPG Hit Million Arthur Going Global
The Asian sensation is here, there, and everywhere.
03.25.15 - 2:19 AM

The online card battle RPG Million Arthur has been hugely popular in Japan, Korea, and China and Square Enix is aiming to bring the re-imagining of Arthurian legend to the global market.

After spawning multiple sequels and a 3DS port, the company has announced a partnership with GAMEVIL to expand service to North America, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. GAMEVIL has promised "to preserve the game's originality while embodying new content and expanding the game's global outlook." As you can see below, the game brings a Japanese touch to the legend of King Arthur, with story and setting created by light novelist Kazuma Kamachi, and music by Maeyamada Ken'ichi a.k.a. Hyadain.

In the game, each player is one of several King Arthurs (or one of a million Arthurs) vying for the throne of ancient Britain. Players can cooperate with each other against foreign invaders looking to conquer Britain, or fight each other for supremacy. Million Arthur's North American release date has not been announced (an English version is available in Singapore but not in the West), but we will update you as soon as it happens.