Jesse Woo
Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Wanderer Class and New DLC Revealed
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03.20.15 - 3:13 AM

In Atlus USA's drive to remove some of the mystery from Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the company has released another trailer for a new job class, the Wanderer. An expert at surviving in the wild, the Wanderer has some useful skills for dungeon exploration, such as the ability to clear hidden paths or send groups of enemies flying off the map. Check out the trailer below.

In addition, Atlus has announced that paid DLC will be free during the first month of the game's release, through May 5th. The free DLC consists of sidequests that unlock additional recipes or extra gold or experience. The first three will send you searching for lost adventurers to unlock meals from the Amber Cafe. Meals grant stat buffs that last until the party leaves the dungeon. The quests and prices (USD) are:

  • Find a Wanderer for me! Find the master chef Wanderer to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)
  • Find a Princess for me! Find the stray Sovereign to unlock a meal fit for a king in the Amber Restaurant! ($1.99)
  • Find a Landsknecht for me! Find the adventurous Landsknecht to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)

The other two quests allow players to grind for experience or gold. They are:

  • Know the Red Pookas? Slay a Red Pooka wandering around the dungeon to receive a Golden or White potion for extra experience! ($1.99)
  • Slay the Gold Guardian! Defeat an elusive Gold Guardian in the dungeon to receive a Nugget of Gold fragment for extra gold! ($1.49)

In addition, starting March 31st, a week before the game's release, fans can buy an Etrian Mystery Dungeon theme for their 3DS menu from the Nintendo eshop for $0.99. The video below shows how the theme looks on the 3DS.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon comes out April 7th in North America on the Nintendo 3DS. A European release date has not been announced.