Robert Steinman
New Dragon Quest Heroes DLC Incoming
Oh, a Terry Sub-Story, you say?
03.20.15 - 2:39 AM

Square Enix promised a ton of downloadable content for Dragon Quest Heroes, and they are certainly delivering on that decree. The latest DLC comes in the form of the "God of Destruction and Slaughter Battle" and "Terry Sub-Story" pack. Check out the trailer!

Terry Sub-Story
If you clear the "Legendary Wicked Demon" (King Hyrdra) battle, you'll receive a "Help Please" letter from the post office. Reading it will begin the Terry sub-story.

Gods of Destruction and Slaughter Battle
After clearing the story, you will receive a letter from the post office from Gagora including a "Map of the Destruction God." From here, a new location will appear on the world map.

Normal Additional Quest
After clearing the story, the new quest "Trial of the Metal Sword" will be added. If you clear the quest, you can get the "Metal King’s Large Sword" weapon, which Psaro can equip.

Other Updates
By talking to a member of the crew at the counter of Luida's Bar, you'll be able to view their story clear movie (given that you’ve cleared the game).

Dragon Quest Heroes is out now in Japan and is scheduled for a western release sometime later this year. Stay tuned for more information as we get it!