Stephen Meyerink
Come Watch Us Play Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
Watch Rob try to stay focused with Bloodborne on the mind!
03.19.15 - 9:29 PM

Even though I've already cleared it a few times, I'm tearing Random Encounter overlord Rob Steinman away from his *redacted* review to watch and talk about Square Enix's latest numbered Final Fantasy! We'll be streaming the entire main scenario of the game tomorrow (Friday, March 20) at 7pm EST. Watch as I navigate pretty landscapes, land some bro-tastic high-fives, wrestle with a broken camera, and just maybe take down a Behemoth! Listen as Rob struggles to focus as his *redacted* waits a mere button press away! Smell the delicious noms cooked by the only British guy in the cast!

That's Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, streaming tomorrow on RPGFan's Twitch channel at 7pm EST! If you miss it though, don't worry, because we'll be archiving it for your later perusal!