Chris Sparks
RPGFan Music: Final Symphony II to Premiere September 12
We've just given up on the whole 'final' actually meaning final, haven't we?
03.19.15 - 3:20 PM

Hot on the heels of the successful run of Final Symphony and its exceptional studio recording, Spielemusikkonzerte has announced that an all new series, appropriately titled Final Symphony II, will debut at London's Barbican Center on Setepmber 12, 2015. Much as with its predecessor, Final Symphony II will feature classic Final Fantasy music arranged into a lengthy and complex pieces that should please fans and initiates alike.

Featuring music culled from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX, and even a suite from XIII arranged by composer Masashi Hamauzu himself, Final Symphony II's performance will also host Nobuo Uematsu, who will be participating in a pre-show talk about his career and musical inspirations and will answer questions from the audience.

Tickets for the performance and the talk with Uematsu-san will be available tomorrow, March 20, at the official concert site.

(Now cross your fingers that there's an album release of this one, too! FFIX!)