Derek Heemsbergen
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review
A bunch of Twilight Saga bots just followed me on Twitter. Ew.
03.18.15 - 12:32 PM

Seriously. When I mentioned on Twitter that I was reviewing Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, a game that has nothing to do with sparkling vampires or disturbingly fit teenage werewolves, I got some new followers who clearly have the wrong idea about my taste in fiction. Nice try, kiddos!

I mean, I suppose the latest visual novel brought over by Aksys does involve high schoolers, but the similarities end there. Is playing Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters a better use of your time than reading the aforementioned book trilogy? I mean, probably, but that isn't saying much. Find out what works and what doesn't in my review.

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is available now for PS3 and PS Vita.