Peter Triezenberg
Customize your Character in Sword Art Online: Lost Song
You can be a Cait Sith in this game! No, not that Cait Sith. No megaphones here.
03.17.15 - 3:26 PM

Bandai Namco released some new details on Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Among these, we have new videos of aerial combat and a better look at character customisation.

To begin, we have a pair of videos that depict the game's fast-paced aerial battles. A key gameplay element in Lost Song is the ability to take flight and battle enemies in the air, and this is accomplished by pressing up while dashing. Once you've taken flight, pressing R1 will grant a momentary boost, and other evasive maneuvers are mapped to the attack button, which can also be utilized in combat. Each character's unique combat style is represented differently while in flight, such as Sinon's ranged skills with a bow or Kirito's dual blades.

Kirito and his assortment of friends and tag-alongs won't be your only playable options in Sword Art Online: Lost Song. By visiting the Einherjar tavern, you'll be able to make your own custom avatar based on one of the game's nine races. These races are Salamander, Sylph, Undine, Cait Sith (no, not THAT one!), Leprechaun, Gnome, Spriggan, Imp, and Song magic-wielding Pooka. While the customization options will be slightly limited, you'll still be able to create a character unique from Kirito and company.




You can also see some of the game's new event CGs in our freshly updated gallery. Last but not least, we have a new trailer that goes over several features in the game and introduces another playable character, Konno Yuuki, the "Absolute Sword."

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is due out in Japan on March 26th for PlayStation 3 and Vita.