Andrew Barker
How Luminous Arc Infinity's Battle Systems Work
Chain song magic to create duets and boost attacks.
03.14.15 - 8:43 PM

Marvelous have brought us new details on Luminous Arc Infinity, including particulars on the battle system. Turn-Based Strategy titles seem to be a rarity these days, but this new entry in the series takes a leaf from the book of some of our old favourites in the genre and, of course, the previous Luminous Arc titles.

As you'd expect, before any battle begins you pick which units you want to take into the fray. Each character has their own special abilities that can be customised, so selecting the best skills will be an important part of combat.

Providing support for characters will play a major role in fights, and the dynamics between the protagonist and heroines are at the centre of it. The female characters can use song magic to empower allies and damage foes. "Calling" is one particular type of magic that can be used to strengthen allies and increase their attack and ability power. If additional heroines are nearby, the Calling can chain and the songs advance to duets, trios and so on to further increase the bonuses.


Once their magic has reached its maximum, the girls can unleash special "Lapis" attacks. Lapis Bursts deal heavy damage and each lady has their own unique associated animation and attack. If one does particularly well in battle, she'll be dubbed "MVP" at the end of the fight and be given bonus experience.


When the battle comes to an end, there's a chance to further interact with the girls in the "After Break." Here you can converse and answer questions to learn more about them and further develop a relationship visual novel-style.

Luminous Arc Infinity is currently in development for PlayStation Vita. Make sure to take a look at our updated gallery for more new screenshots.