Scott Clay
Tri-Ace Will Continue Making Console Games
Maybe we will see Resonance of Fate 2 someday.
03.11.15 - 3:19 PM

Last month developer tri-Ace, creators of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series, got bought out by mobile company Nepro Japan. It looked as if tri-Ace would never create a console game again, but this week Nepro Japan announced the company wanted to assure fans that tri-Ace will continue to make games for consoles. Nepro Japan's goal when acquiring tri-Ace was not only to use their talents to strengthen their mobile games division, but to also delve into console games.

Their other subsidiary company, Mobile & Game Studio, gives Nepro Japan strengths in the arcade market. Mobile & Game Studio has worked on titles such as Lord of Vermilion 3 and other great arcade games. With both companies helping Nepro Japan's mobile division, while working on their own strengths, the company feels they can be a group of creators with a high satisfaction rate for all their customers. The acquisition of tri-Ace was just one of the first steps in Nepro Japan's objective of getting great talent on board with their company.

Hopefully with this news we will not have to say goodbye to the amazing tri-Ace games that many of us have grown fond of over the years.