Peter Triezenberg
Psaro Joins the Fight in Dragon Quest Heroes DLC
Free DLC starring pointy-eared demon fencers? Count me in.
03.09.15 - 3:10 PM

Dragon Quest Heroes is getting a steady stream of free downloadable content in Japan, which unlocks new character costumes and the ability to play as bosses from throughout the Dragon Quest series. Thanks to V-Jump magazine, we can now see one of these DLC characters, the villainous Psaro of Dragon Quest IV, in the "Demon Fencer Battle" DLC. The video below contains both V-Jump's attempts to defeat Psaro and some gameplay featuring him.

Watching this reminds me that Dragon Quest IV is the only one of the DS Dragon Quest remakes I haven't played. I kind of want to get on that after seeing Psaro in action! The DLC featuring Psaro will be out in Japan on March 12th. Dragon Quest Heroes, meanwhile, will be headed westward at an undetermined date for the PlayStation 4.