Jesse Woo
Mevius Final Fantasy Gets First Official Trailer
See our sensibly armored hero in action.
03.08.15 - 3:15 PM

After teasing footage of Mevius Final Fantasy in the Unity 5 reel at GDC, Square Enix has released a full trailer to excite mobile RPGFans for the game's cinematics and combat. While there is not a great deal of new information, it is heartening to see that the game looks just as good in motion as it does in screenshots.

In the video, we see the hero awakening to a desolate landscape, movingly lithely in combat, and wearing several different outfits which seem to correspond to his job class. Interestingly, there is a brief glimpse of some other characters in the distance, although their identity is a mystery at this point. This is the first indication of any other people in the game aside from the hero, Moogle, and the girl trapped in crystal. See for yourself below.

Mevius Final Fantasy is slated for Japanese release on iOS and Android platforms this spring. A Western release has not been announced yet.