Josh Curry
Langrisser 3DS Theme Song Artist and New Character Revealed
Not something you hear everyday: a Licorice with secrets!
03.07.15 - 4:24 PM

Masaya Games have announced the theme song singer and a new character for the 3DS revival of Langrisser. The rock/pop singer Masami Okui will sing the theme. We will be able to catch a sneak peek of the song when she performs it during her Birth Live 2015 Neo Stage event on March 13th.

As for the new character, Licorice is the younger sister of protagonist, Ares. A kind girl, Licorice has a love for humanity. Although she disappeared at a young age for an unknown reason, we do know it was necessary that she and her brother be separated. There is still hope that the siblings could be reunited, but what secrets does this "fated girl" hide?

Langrisser will be released this summer in Japan for the 3DS.