Jesse Woo
Learn More About Disgaea 5's New Mechanics and Characters
And get sent off to the farm?
03.06.15 - 5:00 PM

Not content to rest on the old Disgaea formula, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Darkness will introduce several new gameplay tweaks and mechanics. They range from changes to the Innocents system to new features for streaming and social media.

Innocents, the characters found in the Item World that will grant stat boosts to equipment, can now be sent off to the Innocents Farm to become even stronger. Any innocents on the farm will grow more powerful, meaning they will grant even greater stat boosts whenever the player is engaged in a fight. Moreover, two or more innocents can randomly breed, spawning a new innocent of the same type as one of the parents and greater overall potential for growth. Players can improve their farm by upgrading the Innocent Caretaker Squad for better growth rates, more space to house innocents, etc.

The Refinery is another new mechanic that allows for creation of rare items. Players can forge consumables or items for the War Room (called the Dark Assembly in previous games) or Item World. Items will take a certain amount of time to forge, again counted by the number of battles you participate in.

In addition, the "Mini-Netherworld," which serves as the headquarters, is also subject to customization. After changing the exterior of the Mini-Netherworld you can summon it onto the battlefield to impose special conditions such as reduced accuracy or elemental resistance. The game will allow you to save your favorite combinations for ease of use and online sharing. Mini-Netherworlds that you share can appear in other player's Item Worlds or War Rooms.

Speaking of online functionality, Disgaea 5 will offer some real perks to players who share and connect. Players can stream their gameplay, earning more exp for more viewers and extra items for more comments. Players can also gift items to one another, causing the item to appear in their friend's headquarters. Gameplay stats will be public, and players can send custom bulletins for their followers to read.

If all of that wasn't enough info we have two new videos, each focusing on a different Overlord who will join the protagonist Killia on his quest for vengeance. The first features Christo, a bespectacled tactician who joins Killia after learning of his power and their common enemy in the demon emperor Dark Void. Christo is the overlord of the Giant Monkey Netherworld.

Next up is Zeroken. Zeroken is the diminutive Overlord who initially set out to take down Dark Void's army, known as the Lost. However when he sees Killia and friends fighting the Lost as well he joins in their battle. He claims to have learned a special attack from the legendary Great Demon Fist Goldeon, but he has yet to pull it off successfully because his training is incomplete, or so he says.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Darkness is scheduled for release March 26th in Japan on the PS4, with a Western release in the Fall.