Jesse Woo
World End Economica Part 2 Has Encountered Unforeseen Complications
Don't worry, you can always trade stocks in real life.
03.01.15 - 2:41 PM

The second installment of the sci-fi stock trading visual novel World End Economica will not make its May 15th Western release date. Sekai Project made the announcement on its kickstarter, citing unforeseen issues with its production and translation process. However, they gave assurances that they are working diligently, and 7 of the 11 chapters are translated and 6 are edited. They also promised gameplay that will focus heavily on a variety of stock trading instruments.

The company also announced that its work porting the first chapter to Unity is still in the alpha stage and that they are updating the graphics to 1080p. Once the port of the first game is finished, doing the same for subsequent content will be much easier.

World End Economica Episode 2 is heading to Steam, with ports to PS Vita and iOS platforms coming at a later date.