Scott Clay
New Disgaea 5 Demon Lord and Character Class Details
Zombie maids, enough said.
11.29.14 - 4:52 PM

The newest installment in the Disgaea series, Disgaea 5, spans a story about revenge. The main protagonist Killia leads a journey to take out the emperor, Void Dark, but he can't do it alone! Details surfaced on the addition of 2 new demon lords and a bunch new character classes that will aid Killia on his quest.

First of the two demon lords is Christo, a tactician and staff officer that puts victory before anything else. After meeting Killia and noticing his potential magic power, Christo devises a plan to use it in order to take down emperor Void Dark.

Second is Zeroken, a tiny demon lord hell bent on single-handedly taking out Void Dark's army, the Lost. Claiming to be a disciple of the Great Demon Fist Goldeon, Zeroken comes off cocky but in front of the right people is well behaved. As Killia is fighting against the Lost Zeroken helps out and joins forces.

Along with these two new demons there are three new character classes and a few returning ones that will fill in the ranks in Killia's army.

First up are the Dark Knights wielding the power of darkness though swords, spears and axes. They come with the ability, Power Wave, which will chain damage to units adjacent to the current target. Next to them are the gun wielding zombie Maids. Maids use the ability, Effective Work, which allows them to use an additional item with any other action allowing them to get the most use out of an item.

Last of the new classes are the Fairies. Fairies carry staffs and a large lantern wherever they go. They use the ability, Magic Generation, to recover up to 10% SP at the end of the turn. Fairies can also absorb magic power around them to use as heals for your units.

First up from the returning units is the male Solider carrying axes, swords and spears (above). Their ability, Wild Cry, increases their stats by 15% times the number of adjacent enemy units. Female Soldiers use swords, spears and bows with the ability, Assault Attack. Assault Attack allows female Soldiers to increase their damage 10% per space moved making them great for fast blitz attacks.

Both Magicians carry staffs but are two sides of the same coin. Male Magicians use the ability, Magic Convergence, to increase special attack power by 30% but at the cost of a 50% SP increase. Female Magicians on the other hand use the ability, Magic Temperance, that reduces the SP cost of special skills by 50%.

Priests are double-edged sword when it comes to healing. They seem to hurt themselves when they heal but at the same time their ability, Medical Heal, allows them to remove status effects from whomever he heals. They carry staffs and spears into combat. Priestess are the heavy healers and heal for 100% more with their ability, Practice of the Healing Hand. They can also stay out of harms way when wielding a bow instead of a staff into battle.

Last up is the Archer. With bow in hand the Archer adds cover fire and support with her ability, Support Attack, which adds an extra attack when an allied unit hits an enemy.

Disgaea 5 will be released for the Playstation 4 in Japan on March 26, 2015.