Jeremy Harnage
First Clips of Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon
We're already getting a taste of the recently announced dungeon crawler!
11.28.14 - 9:18 PM

Atlus has updated their Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon site to give excited fans a look at the work they've already put in for their newly announced Nintendo 3DS dungeon crawler.

Each clip offers a unique look at several different aspects of the game. First up is character creation!

Several classes and of course a gender option start things off. We're then treated to a small screen showing party options as well!

Following this is a clip showing general dungeon navigation and item discovery. It's also worth noting that the player is mapping the dungeon while making their way through. This is a pretty common feature of many Atlus dungeon crawlers, so we're sure that players will feel right at home.

After exploring the dungeon, we get a look at how battle will work. We're also shown how skill progression works, with a small display of a skill shown at the end.

Lastly, our team of explorers is shown triggering a multitude of traps before coming upon an NPC who hosts a mini-game. Why this NPC carries a riding crop with a heart on the end is a mystery, but we're certain she'll be a vivacious addition to say the least!

Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon releases for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 5th. So far no Western release has been confirmed, but we'll keep you up on info as it becomes available!