Andrew Barker
Visual Novel Rewrite Headed to PlayStation 3 in Japan
Demons, superpowers, high school students, the usual.
11.26.14 - 4:17 PM

Visual Novel developer Key, known for Clannad and other titles, have announced they will be releasing their PC visual novel Rewrite on PlayStation 3. This improved version will be fully voiced and include additional CGs, sound and various other improvements. It's fairly common for successful visual novels to receive these sort of console ports, and Rewrite has already been released on PSP and PS Vita.

The story in the game follows Kotarou Tennouji, a high school student who becomes involved with five girls from his school as they invesitgate various supernatural mysteries. He ends up in a conflict between demon summoners and super-powered humans who are all searching for a girl name Kagari, the key to intelligent life or its destruction on Earth. Sounds like a pretty crazy ride.

No western localization of the game in any form has been announced, but Key is currently working with Sekai Project to bring Clannad to North America, so not all hope is lost!