David Brown
"Dewesternized" Version Of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Released
And its new sequel is now available on Steam!
11.26.14 - 4:07 PM

Visual novel Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!, the sequel to Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, is now available for purchase on Steam. It can be bought by itself for $3.99 US or in a double-pack with the original game for $9.99.

Unlike the original game, the sequel is a kinetic visual novel (has no choices), but "adds new areas, new music, and three new characters to the roster." The game's Steam page confirms that several plot points will be left open-ended, as this is not the end of the series.

Nyu Media is also releasing a "dewesternized" version of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club due to high demand. It will include the original Japanese setting, names (for characters and places) and original everything else.

Nyu Media says, "This new localization is now the 'official version' and is immediately available to anyone who already owns Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, but we have kept the original 'westernized' version available for anyone who owns or purchases the game in future."

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! is available on Steam now and will be coming to other digital retailers soon.