David Brown
The Banner Saga Is Now Available On Android
Just... just take my money.
11.24.14 - 3:36 AM

Multiple-award-winning tactical RPG The Banner Saga is now available for purchase from the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore on Android.

The game takes place in a land called Ragnarok, as you take charge of a group of Norse warriors in this brooding story. The plot is riddled with choices that will attract RPG fans and interactive game fans alike. The decisions you make will affect you in terms of where you go and in other ways that aren't quite so obvious.

Unlike its story, and as you can see from the trailer, the visuals are bright and colorful and may remind one of the animated films of yesteryear. Its been out on iOS for a little while, but now you can own it on Android devices for $9.99 US.

If you still need a little push before dropping that ten dollar bill, check out Stephen's review of the PC version.