Josh Curry
PlayStation 4 To Be Graced With New Korean RPGs
The PS4's RPG drought could be ending soon.
11.24.14 - 3:30 AM

This week at G-Star, Korea’s largest video game show, Sony Computer Entertainment announced plans to work with local developers to bring numerous titles to the PlayStation 4. Among these titles were three RPGs.

It was reiterated that Kingdom Under Fire II is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, chronologically taking place after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and will be the first RTS game in the series since Heroes.

Ender of Fire, a Steam Greenlight game, is a side-scrolling 3D fantasy action RPG. The game puts you in a world where Humans and Elves have united their efforts to combat the tribe known as the Beast. You can see some footage from the PS4 alpha version below:

Qurare: Magic Library, a collectable card RPG, will make the transition from iOS and Android to consoles. The iOS version features over 400 cards and 3D dungeons; there is no word yet if there will be any additional features added to the PS4 version. Check out the trailer:

No release dates were given yet.