Jesse Woo
Development of Xenoblade Chronicles X is Almost Complete
You will soon be romping through vast open worlds in your own giant mech.
11.21.14 - 4:17 PM

Tetsuya Takahashi, the executive director of Xenoblade Chronicles X, has announced on Twitter that the game is almost complete. Takahashi said that the studio was able to overcome several obstacles in development and he looked forward to having players thoroughly explore the game's world.

"The development did have its twists and turns," he said, "but we were able to finish up (just a little more until itís complete) Xenoblade Chronicles X in the sci-fi world we aimed for from the beginning in a seamless open-world with online play, and I feel that we were able to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes."

Monolith Soft plans to release Xenoblade Chronicles X in Japan in spring 2015 and in North America and Europe that same year. The game will be released on the Wii U.