Andrew Barker
Punch, Shoot and Slam in a Series of New Disgaea 5 Clips
No prinnies were harmed in the making of these videos.
11.20.14 - 5:41 AM

We have a bunch of new videos from Disgaea 5 to share with you today, mostly with a focus on the game's characters and the skills they can use. Let's start of with the "Promotion Movie" which, in Japanese, gives a bit of an overview of the game:

The remaining videos are all very short clips that show off a special skill from each of the main party characters. First up is the game's hero/'anti-hero' Killia using "Dangerous Split-Break Fist:"

Next is bunny-eared Usalia's "Flattening Dance." The name is pretty self-explanatory:

Socialite Seraphina's "Two-Hand Draw" is filled with bullets and hearts, definitely two things I normally associate with each other:

Red Magnus' "Giant Smash" is a little more intense. How does he even do that?

Christo's impressive skill looks like a cross between Sword Rain and Gate of Babylon:

Zeroken's skill is, well, I'll let it speak for itself:

Does anyone else think he looks like Disgaea's version of Xillia's Ivar?

Disgaea 5 will be released in Japan on PlayStation 4 on March 26th. No western release has been announced, but is exceedingly likely.