Jesse Woo
Tales of Zestiria Will Have Even More DLC Costumes
This announcement surprises approximately no one.
11.19.14 - 6:25 PM

Like all Tales games in recent memory, Tales of Zestiria will have additional costumes for sale after the game is released. The latest issue of Famitsu describes two DLC packs; one DLC pack will feature an academcy theme, and the other will be based on Idolmaster: One For All. Each character's costumes are described as follows:

Academy Costumes
- Sorey: Liberal Arts Student
- Alisha: Books Committee Member
- Mikleo: Going Home Club Student
- Edna: Respected Sempai
- Rose: Team Captain
- Dezel: Math Teacher
- Zaveid: Former Delinquent Turned Guidance Counselor
- Lailah: Academy Principle

Idolmaster Costumes
- Alisha: Chihaya Kisaragi
- Edna: Yayoi Takatsuki
- Lailah: Miki Hoshi
- Rose: Haruka Amami

Tales of Zestiria comes out on the PlayStation 3 in Japan on Jan. 22, 2015, with a North American and European release the following summer.