Jesse Woo
Earn Special Starter Weapons in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Grab some sweet loot before you ever boot up the game.
11.18.14 - 6:46 AM

Players eager to explore the lore of Dragon Age: Inquisition may now do so while earning three special starter weapons called the Red Lyrium Reapers. The game's official site explains the quest. Would-be Inquisitors must watch four promotional videos while looking for hidden elements, which are hinted at by faint green mist. Clicking the mist will reveal a lore related item and accompanying description. If you are logged in to your Origin account, finding all the items will net you a special dagger, staff, and great sword when you start the game.

As if the prospect of special loot were not exciting enough, Bioware also has a release trailer for you to feast your eyes on. Rarely has something so violent looked so pretty.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out November 18th on PC, PS4 and PS3, and Xbox One and Xbox 360.