Peter Triezenberg
New Persona Q Videos Detail FOEs and Maps
Only somebody of the Fool Arcana would dare challenge… oh, right. Welp.
11.17.14 - 4:21 PM

Continuing their massive media blitz for the upcoming 3DS dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Atlus released a couple more details explaining some of the more Etrian Odyssey-esque features to potential newcomers.

First, we have a video explaining the map-making feature. Like in Etrian Odyssey, keeping track of your map on the bottom screen is crucial for navigating the dungeons. The stylus can be used to mark walls, stairs, and other important details.

The second video highlights the FOEs, extremely powerful roaming enemies that the party will encounter while exploring the labyrinth. Players are encouraged to figure out an FOE's movement pattern in order to avoid it, though the brave or prepared can take them on in battle.

Another video is about the battle system itself. The icon to the lower right of the screen turns red as the likeliness of another random encounter increases. In addition, nearby FOEs can join battles should the party be in close proximity, which gives more incentive to be cautious around them.

Finally, there is a brief Q&A video that answers some more detailed questions about the game, such as how characters interact or are able to wield different Personas.

Persona Q will be available on November 25th in the United States and November 28th in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.