Scott Clay
Legend of Legacy's Combat System Detailed
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11.17.14 - 2:07 AM

Developer FuRyu created a traditional turned based combat system for their new 3DS RPG, The Legend of Legacy, but with their own unique twist. After entering combat by bumping into enemies on the field, players will have the option to form contracts with elemental spirits allowing them to use powerful elemental techniques known as "Spirit Arts". The Spirit Art granted to the player depends on the type of Spirit Vessel they have equipped at the time. When players use a Spirit Art they gain greater affinity with that spirit's element, along with strengthening the corresponding Spirit Art.

The elements being used in battle are displayed on the 3DS's lower screen and are broken down into water, wind, fire and dark types. The use of certain Spirit Arts over others will change the battle in favor of that element, however, enemies also have access to Spirit Arts so players must choose carefully. Good use of Spirit Arts and careful manipulation of the elements in your favor can make even the most difficult fights very trivial.

The Legend of Legacy is slated for release in Japan for the 3DS on January 22nd.