Peter Triezenberg
New Shining Resonance Footage
Rock the dra… oh, wait, we already made a DBZ reference? Oh, well.
11.16.14 - 4:39 PM

Leading up to its December 11th release in Japan, Sega released a couple of short videos from the PlayStation 3 exclusive Shining Resonance. The first clip shows protagonist Yuuma's ability to transform into a dragon, which is performed by pressing R1 while holding L1 in battle. Yuuma's draconic transformation will benefit certain party members but continuously drain his MP, and should it reach zero, he will lose control and begin attacking his own allies, requiring a swift return to human form.

The other video showcases Shining Resonance's B.A.N.D. system. By filling up the BMP -Battle Mana Performance- gauge by attacking enemies, the B.A.N.D. system can be activated by pressing R1. Once active, the BMP gauge will gradually decrease, and different effects will occur based on which character is placed at the center.