Scott Clay
Final Fantasy XV To Have A More Realistic Combat System
Think Kingdom Hearts but with more weight.
11.15.14 - 4:19 PM

In a recent interview with Final Fantasy XV's producer, Hajime Tabata, during the Paris Games Festival, a little more was revealed about the combat system and the car Noctis and friends will be riding around in. According to Tabata, Final Fantasy XV's combat system has its roots taken from Kingdom Hearts, but the development team wanted Final Fantasy XV's combat to have a more realistic weight to it while swinging weapons and hitting enemies without losing that sense of speed. They accomplished this by taking the Kingdom Hearts combat engine as a base and adding some heavy modifications to improve the action overall. The result is combat that feels fast, but is grounded in reality.

Tabata also revealed that Noctis's fancy car will be customizable. While the car will not be a major part of the story, Tabata has gone on to say the development team sees the car as a fifth companion, one that will see the players to the end. How customizable the car will be is still unknown and, when asked about airships, Tabata responded that it will be revealed later in the game's story and can't say anything yet.

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.