Peter Triezenberg
New Final Fantasy Explorers Demo Footage
I want this game, like, yesterday.
11.15.14 - 4:07 PM

Before the Japanese gaming public gets their hands on the Final Fantasy Explorers demo, Famitsu released some videos highlighting various features of the upcoming action-RPG.

The first video shows the game's character customization, which allows you to tailor your avatar's gender and basic appearance. I certainly appreciate the old-school menu sound effects...

After that, we get a glimpse of monster creation, which allows the player to create monstrous allies to aid them in battle, using items called Spirit Stones.

Following that, there are a series of videos featuring some of the bosses players will be tasked with bringing down. The first is a Red Dragon, while the remaining two are dedicated to series standbys Ifrit and Shiva.

Finally, there's a brief clip that shows off the ability to transform into famous Final Fantasy characters. In this case, the player turns into Cloud and performs Omnislash, while Lightning makes an appearance as well.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be released on December 18th in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. There's no word yet on an English release, unfortunately.