Andrew Barker
New Tales of Hearts R Screenshots
And learn about Despir sickness.
11.09.14 - 4:06 PM

Bandai Namco have released a handful of new screenshots from Tales of Hearts R on PlayStation Vita. Along with them, they've explained two important story-related terms: Despir and Spiria.

Despir is a sickness that is spreading rampantly throughout the world. It's affecting entire towns and only one known as a "Somantic", such as the game's hero Kor, can heal them by linking with them. Doing so is called creating a Spiria Link, and it allows Kor to enter a maze-like dungeon where he can destroy physical manifestations of the sickness.

You can see a few of the new screenshots below, while the rest can be found in our updated gallery.

Tales of Hearts R will be released on November 11th in North America and November 14th in Europe.