Andrew Barker
Watch the First Ever Gameplay Footage of Bravely Second
It will also be playable at TGS this year!
08.25.14 - 8:03 PM

In a new live stream event, Square Enix have broadcasted the first glimpse of gameplay footage for Bravely Second on Nintendo 3DS, which gives players a better idea of the job system. It's set in a familiar environment and seems to retain the same menu layout and system from the first game. There's not a lot shown, but you'll get to see a little bit of Luxendarc and quite a lot of heroine Magnolia.

Bravely Second will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show this year, too! The floor demo will feature an all-new Asterisk-holder (and, therefore, presumably a new job!). We'll be sure to bring you details of it during the show.