Jeremy Harnage
Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley to Feature More Animal Traits Than Ever Before
You mean I have to raise cows differently from chickens?
08.20.14 - 9:59 PM

Harvest Moon producer Taku Maekawa recently provided information regarding the upcoming title Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

While the title itself is meant to be reminiscent of previous Harvest Moon titles, a large theme with The Lost Valley is simplicity and Back to Basics.  However, that doesn't seem to mean that the game will lack in depth.  As opposed to a large variety of possible animals to raise, the title has been limited to horses, sheep, chickens, and cows.  However, newly provided information reflects that these few animals will each come with unique characteristics and traits that players can use to their advantage.

One example provided states that many animals will have favorite seasons.  What this means is that a specific animal may prefer the winter season, and during that time their affection level will increase faster than any other specific season.  Another example that Taku provided was a trait known as being Elegant.  Elegant animals hate being dirty, and will generate more affection when brushed and cleaned.  

And of course the end goal of having higher affection with your animals means they'll yield higher quality products, as well as more of the products, than they would otherwise.

These traits can also come into play when breeding your animals, as you may wish to have certain traits pass down from one generation to the next.  Players will also have the opportunity to breed animals with a rare, "super" version of whatever trait they most want.  

Lastly, animals will also be able to learn specific skills, which can be taught via specific animal feeds.  

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is set to release later this year in North America.  European players can expect to see the game sometime in 2015.