Jeremy Harnage
A Dream Team of Former Employees Come Together for X-Tactics
Have a look at this new mobile RPG from previous Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega team members.
08.15.14 - 10:23 AM

Staff members from Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega have combined forces with studio Gamkin to produce X-Tactics (Cross-Tactics).

What we know so far is that the title is set to debut episodically, with new features and areas being released via regular updates. The game itself is meant to combine "tactical gameplay with elements of urban exploration."

Taking the role of secret agents, treasure hunters, and adventurers, players will go on government funded missions to keep the peace by making sure certain events aren't seen by the public eye. Producer and lead designer Robert Gould stated that the title is inspired by RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Valkyria Chronicles, but will also take inspiration from fighting games as well.

X-Tactics also uses real-world information to help determine the setting of each mission, such as weather and time of day. Players are also given the option to use location services that will give those looking to explore the "Urban Exploration" feature a reason to play the title in a myriad of places. However, because of this requirement, the PC version will not feature this addition.

Currently the title is still being funded via IndieGoGo. While the original base goal has already been reached, additional goals will help the developers add extra characters, a crafting system, and multiplayer PvP options.

X-Tactics, while primarily a mobile based game, will have different release dates depending upon the platform. The iOS and Android versions are slated to release in fall 2014, with the PC version being delayed until spring of 2015. Lastly, a beta for Google Glass is being set up for summer of 2015.