Andrew Barker
Pokémon X & Y Poké Ball Vivillon Can Be Caught by North Americans
But only until August 12th!!
08.06.14 - 6:13 PM

To celebrate the launch of the new Pokémon Center store in North America, The Pokémon Company are distributing a special Poké Ball-styled pattern Vivillon to Pokémon X & Y on Nintendo 3DS.

To nab it, simply select the Mystery Gift option from the main menu and connect to the internet. This Vivillon comes at level 12 and has the moves Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen and Struggle Bug, and comes in a standard Poké Ball.

This particular pattern of Vivillon has previously been available in France, and is will soon be available in German via a serial code being distributed through currently unknown means.

For other regions, you can always try to trade!