Jeremy Harnage
Bravely Second to Feature New Writing Team
And a slew of media for the new jobs? Sign me up!
08.02.14 - 4:39 PM

Famitsu Magazine has recently featured multiple articles focusing on the surprises and changes that players can look forward to regarding Bravely Second. Following on the heels of the announcement about a new composer, we've recently learned that Bravely Default writer Naotaka Hayashi did not return for Bravely Second. Producer Tomoya Asano, working with assistant producer Shinji Takahash, focused on the primary plot and theme of Bravely Second. Assisting in this process, director Kensuke Nakahara and returning lead scenario planner Keiichi Ajiro, both from Silicon Studio, were deeply involved with the main scenario. Lastly, Souki Tsukishima, known for writing the light novel series for the title, also played a role in determining where the sequel will head.

Tomoya Asano, the new producer listed above, was interviewed regarding Bravely Second and the surprises that players will have to look forward to this time around. When questioned about the overall status, Asano stated the game's main story can currently be played from beginning to end, but that the development team is currently deciding how much time they'll spend polishing the game itself. Asano then went on to state that Bravely Second is indeed meant to be a sequel, but that fans of the series can expect plenty of surprises from the title.

"Yes, you may have noticed by looking at the illustration, but this time, the adventure will be centered around saving Agnes, who gets taken away," explained Asano. Focusing on the theme of saving a princess, this news directly correlates with a previous announcement that Agnes has been inaugurated as a pope, and would be kidnapped during a peace treaty very early in the game.

Also featured in the article were screens of the character Magnolia playing several of the recently announced jobs. Asano followed up on these images by stating that both new and returning jobs would be featured, with several of the returning jobs being adjusted and refined for the sequel. Asano also stated that the characters players will need to obtain returning jobs will not be changing, and asks that players look forward to seeing where these returning characters will be in the new world of Bravely Second.

In a final closing statement, Asano stated, "I'd also like to release a demo for the game, so look forward to that, as well. For those who haven't played the first game, there's a demo that lets you play up to the first four chapters, so please go ahead and give that a try!"

With that being said, we've managed to get our hands on some of the amazing artwork and screenshots for the title already. Be sure to check out our gallery below for some of these intriguing and beautiful designs. Additionally, be sure to have a look at the new 1/8th scale Magnolia figure, which is set to release on in Japan on March 27th, 2015, for 11,120 yen ($108.37 US).

Bravely Second is still in development at this time for the Nintendo 3DS. We'll keep you updated on more information as it becomes available!