Andrew Barker
Remake of Point-And-Click Classic Shadowgate Launching August
It's quite the upgrade!
08.01.14 - 2:39 AM

30 years ago, classic point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate debuted on Macintosh. On August 21st, the new, reimagined, updated version of the title will be released on Windows and Mac. At a later date, it will also make the trek to iOS and Android tablets.

"Dave and I are incredibly thrilled to be returning to Castle Shadowgate after all these years," said Karl Roelofs, design director at Zojoi, the new developers behind the remake. "When we created the MacVenture series, we knew we had something special on our hands - the initial response from gamers around the world was overwhelming! Shadowgate has remained near and dear to not only our hearts but to those who remember the haunting original, greatly evidenced by the support our Kickstarter campaign generated. The past few years we have been hard at work re-building and updating the Shadowgate experience and cannot wait to inspire, challenge, and terrify an entire new generation of players."

Shadowgate can be pre-ordered directly from Zojoi here, or pre-purchased on Steam.